Common Myths about Plumbing

While the internet is an excellent source of helpful information, it can also spread myths that can be damaging. The pros at Plumb Doctor LLC have seen it all when it comes to home plumbing, and while their services can help correct these common mistakes, it is easier to avoid the trouble in the first place.

One common idea going around is that you can put a brick or empty container in your toilet to save water, but this is not recommended, since it can actually damage your toilet and cause expensive repairs. Along those lines, people who use in-tank toilet cleaners and bleach tablets to keep toilets sanitary and clean, beware that bleach left in the toilet for long periods of time will actually damage the inner workings of the toilet.

Another common idea is that you can put anything in your garbage disposal, but this can also cause damage to your plumbing. Potato peels, bones, celery, eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit pits, grease, and pasta are among the items that should not be put in your disposal.

A common thing plumbers see is so-called flushable wipes being put in the toilet. Unfortunately, even wipes that claim to be biodegradable still cause clogs and issues with sewage systems.

A common myth being perpetuated is that water in toilets drains in opposite directions in the north and south hemispheres, but this is false! The plumbing fixtures themselves determine if the water drains clockwise or not, not the spin of the earth.


People often think that if there’s no backup, your pipes are fine. Not true! Even if your pipes drain, they can be clogged or damaged down the line. Finally, people often think that all plumbers are created equally, but this is patently false. An experienced, licensed, insured plumber is a much better choice than someone without proper training and credentials. If you’re experiencing plumbing issues, reach out to the pros at Plumb Doctor LLC to get things fixed quickly and effectively.