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Repair Your Choked Sewer Line

Have you ever noticed that your drains are moving very slowly? This can be caused by several things, but will always lead to expensive repairs if left untreated. Eventually, it will get to the point that waste water will back up into the house. The Plumb Doctor can help with any sewer line services in Canton, GA.

Sewer Line Issues

Most slow drains are caused by a buildup of dirt, grime and grease in the sink drain. If the problem is not limited to one drain, though, this could indicate a backup in the main sewer line. Tree roots are the number one cause for a clogged sewer. The roots will exploit any crack in the sewer pipe to get to the moisture inside the sewer. Normal wear over the years and ground movement can open a crack, letting silt and soil into the sewer line. Even the constant vibrations of cars moving on the road over a sewer line can cause it to fracture and break. There are many more causes for a broken sewer line.

High-Tech Troubleshooting

The 21st century method for sewer line leak detection on Canton, GA, homes is through video inspection. A small, fiber optic camera is fed into the sewer line, looking for obstructions or other issues. This way the plumbing company is not digging your whole yard up to find the problem. The video feed can look for any structural problems in the pipe. This helps the plumbing techs determine which method to proceed with. Many homeowners now have regular inspections to catch issues early so they can be managed without digging the yard up to replace the sewer pipe.

No Digging Required

If your sewer pipe is too far gone, there are newer options available to still avoid a torn-up yard. Trenchless pipe repair only needs a few smaller holes to fix most issues. If the issues are more about cracks and small penetrations in the sewer pipe, it can be relined with a new fiberglass line to seal out any intrusions. If the pipe is crumbling and falling apart, a new high-density pipe is pulled through the old and connected to the house and the city line. Both can save homeowners big money redoing their landscaping.

There are many great companies that deal with sewer leak repair in Canton, GA. They can take care of most issues your plumbing system will face. As you interview several companies, look for the ones that have your best interest at heart and will try and minimize the disturbance in your life.