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Repair Your Damaged Water Line Quickly

Do you have a leaky water line in your home? If so, call your local plumber for water line repair in Woodstock, GA, right away. Allowing a leak to persist causes extensive damage to flooring, walls, ceiling, and other home components near the seepage. Your water bill will also take a hit, resulting in higher utility costs. The bottom line is that water line leaks threaten the stability of your home. Don’t wait to get repairs!

Why Do Water Lines Break?

Normal wear and tear, aging pipes, poor water quality, and inadequate piping materials are all factors that can contribute to plumbing problems. Your home’s plumbing system is built to withstand constant usage, but after a while pinhole leaks may form and connections loosen. One of the most common areas that people first notice leaky pipes is in the kitchen and bathroom. Under-sink storage is common and when homeowners accidentally hit the pipes, it results in loose connections.

Another reason pipes break, especially those under the foundation or in the yard, is age. Many homes in the area require water service line repair in Woodstock, GA, because of clay sewer lines or corroded water pipes. These components work well for decades, but they aren’t designed to last a lifetime. Eventually, the pipes will begin to crack and show their age. This leads to sewer line leaks, slab leaks, and main line breaks. Replacing aging pipes before they burst is the best way to avoid this situation.

When was the last time you had your water tested? Water quality has a lot to do with how well your home’s plumbing system operates. Hard water leaves behind sediment that sticks to pipe walls. Sediment creates a harsh environment that can lead to corrosion in the pipes and the formation of clogs. If blockages aren’t found right away, they get bigger, putting pressure on the pipe. Eventually, it will crack or burst.

Lastly, pipe material plays a role in water line damage. For example, if plastic piping is connected to the hot water, you may experience frequent leaks because plastic is not ideal for hot water distribution. This is also an example of how poor installation can affect water line problems, too.

Call for Leak Detection Services

Regular leak detection service is the best way to avoid emergency water line services in Woodstock, GA. Adding this service to your preventive maintenance schedule helps you catch small leaks before they turn into burst pipes. Also, pay close attention for the following signs of leaks:

  • Weak water pressure
  • Sound of water running in the pipes when water is not being used
  • Higher than normal water bill

These are signs that you may have a leaky pipe. Call a water line expert right away to avoid costly repairs.