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Signs That You May Need Sewer Line Repair

Of all the potential problems your home can have, a sewer line problem might be the most frustrating for you. Many homeowners don’t have the skills to diagnose or repair a sewer line problem. Since a handyman or plumber must be called, right at the start it is an expensive undertaking. Frustration, expense, and upset due to not being able to use the water continues to grow.

Since the sewer line is below ground, and therefore out of sight, whoever is diagnosing the problem must rely on their experience and not any visual of the buried pipes. What are some signs you might need sewer line repair in Woodstock, GA? Consider these:

  • You have had to call the plumber several times over the past few months due to pipes backing up throughout your home.
  • Your toilets are very slow to flush, despite being worked on with a plunger. Sometimes they overflow for no apparent reason.
  • There are big trees in your yard, your plumbing is slow to drain, and one part of your yard is constantly wet. This may be a problem of tree roots growing through the pipes, causing water leakage and obstructing water flow at the same time.
  • You smell sewage and have wet spots in your yard or street and feel you need the services of a contractor for sewer leak detection in Woodstock, GA.
  • Your neighbors complain of persistent plumbing problems as well.

Sewer line problems may require a small repair job, or a very large repair job. A small job may only need a hand-operated snake run down a pipe from inside the house. A very large job may require digging up your property with a backhoe and replacing pipes from where the pipe connects to the house, across your yard, and into the street. You may lose trees and other landscaping in this process.

While both scenarios require expense and time, clearly digging up your yard with a backhoe will be the most expensive, time-consuming, and damaging to your property. Both scenarios will require the services of a professional plumber and possibly a construction contractor. In some communities, the city will pay for part of the expense.

If one or more of the above list of scenarios is happening at your home, it would be advisable to find a plumber who has broad experience, or at least several experiences with sewer line problems. If your plumber is experienced, they may work efficiently and save you money and time without water in the process.