Warning Signs Your Water Pipes Need Replacement

When you suspect a need for water line repair in Powder Springs, GA, don't think twice about calling a plumbing service to inspect it. Water leaks can easily damage everything in its trail, which is why you should be attentive and immediately consult a technician as soon as possible.

A professional can determine if you’ll need minor or major repairs and can give a rough estimate for the project. Here are some things to look for so you know when it’s time to change your pipes.

Know the Age of Your Plumbing System

Water pipe replacement in Powder Springs, GA, may be necessary if your house is at least 20 years old. Pipes are durable and may last beyond 50 years, but they also require regular maintenance to slow down the damage over time. Moreover, you can estimate your plumbing system’s lifespan based on the purpose of the pipes and their material.

Determine Which Pipes Handle a lot of Pressure

Older pipes don’t necessarily need replacing. With proper maintenance, you can even extend the lifespan of your pipes. Determine the pipes that handle the most pressure and get your regular water line repair services in Powder Springs GA to prevent damage. Also, take note that hard water can damage pipes more quickly, so schedule routine maintenance if you use this type of water on your property.

Current Plumbing System Must Pass Building Codes in Your Area

If you recently purchased an old property, get a qualified plumber to see if your property has lead pipes. Despite being banned for decades, some older properties may still have this type of plumbing. Lead poses serious health risks, so you might want to get water line services in Powder Springs, GA, immediately to be sure.

Watch Out for Leaks

Leaks are signs of damaged pipes no matter the size or age. Always inspect annually or more frequently for older properties to ensure that your pipes are in their best condition.

Water Condition

Always take note of your water’s color, taste, and odor, especially after heavy rain or after prolonged disuse. If you find anything odd, call water line repair in Powder Springs, GA, because it could mean that your pipes may already need replacing.