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Why Regular Drain Cleaning is Important

Taking the time to clean your drains regularly can prevent a myriad of plumbing problems down the road. It also addresses everyday concerns most homeowners have. These are the advantages of keeping your drains clean and blockage-free.

Sewage odor can make any bathroom or kitchen smell terrible. While you can’t do anything about what’s at the end of your sewer line, you can address a major cause of sewage odor in your home: drain residue. Professionals can deep clean through your drain to remove odor-causing buildup.

Sewage backup is a true home disaster and hygienic emergency. One of the greatest causes of sewage backup is clogged or dirty drains. Professional drain cleaning technology helps lower your chances of finding public sewer backup in your sinks, tubs, or toilets.

Over time, waste, dirt, and other grime that builds up in your sewer line can degrade the plumbing. Dirty drains are more likely to crack, rust, or otherwise deteriorate. Hire a plumber at least once a year to keep your pipes smooth and working properly for a long time.

Plumb Doctor LLC is your go-to source for drain cleaning services. Whether you have a plumbing emergency—like a leak, cracked pipes, or sewage backup—or a simple concern like clogged drains, turn to us for fast and courteous service. We’re dedicated to addressing all issues you may have, as well as offering any advice to protect your plumbing system from expensive or dangerous problems.  

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