Sewer Line Repair: What You Should Know

Sewer lines are better when they are not heard, seen, or noticed. When problems do come up, they usually need to be acted upon quickly to prevent further damage. So, read on to learn more about your sewer line, signs of problems, your plumbing company in Canton, repair options, and what you can do to make the process go smoothly.

How to Identify Sewer Line Problems

While your sewer line will hopefully do its job without issues for many years to come, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for red flags that could indicate issues with your line.

A common problem with sewage lines is clogging. Common signs of clogging include toilets that won’t flush, backed up drains, and gurgling noise. Causes can range from damaging tree roots to blockages built up inside the pipes. Sewer lines can also crack, break, or leak, causing water damage, disgusting smells, mold, and many other issues. If you notice signs of excess water like ceiling damage, green patches in your grass, or high humidity, it can also indicate a problem with your sewer line.

Why You Need to Call in the Professionals

For minor clogging, you can attempt to clear or snake the pipes yourself. However, if that doesn’t work, or if the problems are on a larger scale, it is time to call in the pros. They not only have the training, knowledge, and experience to handle problems safely and correctly, they also have the necessary tools and insurance to get the job done right the first time. It is generally more cost-effective to hire out your repairs rather than tackle them on your own.

Digging for Repairs vs. Trenchless Sewer Technology

Depending on the location of your sewer line damage, the age of your pipes, your budget, and the problem at hand, your repairs may require digging. The more recent alternative, trenchless sewer technology, is less invasive and can be an excellent option.