Early Signs of Sewer Drain Clog

Many homeowners aren’t fully aware of the way their sewer system functions. As long as water seems to be draining, people rarely think twice about it. People understand that their sewer pipes bring waste water to sewer mains, but not much past that. It’s important to be aware of the signs indicating your sewage lines might be clogged.

Water Backing Up

If you notice that your sinks are draining slowly, your toilet isn’t flushing as quickly, or your bathtubs aren’t draining like they used to, that’s an indication that there is a sewer clog somewhere. Usually, water backing up is one of the first signs that there’s a problem somewhere along the sewage lines. However, this can often be difficult to notice. Not everyone is going to pay close attention to how quickly water drains from their sink. It’s quite common for these early signs to go undetected.

Unusual Sounds

When things progress past just water backing up, signs become much more obvious. Your house will start to give you much more blatant warning signs, as if the house is trying to communicate with you that there’s a problem.

For example, toilets will start to percolate. The flushing system will start to take much longer, and be much noisier. You might find that toilets are running more frequently while flushing seems to be less and less efficient.

Washing machines will also start to retain water. After running a load, you might find that there’s still a good amount of water in the machine. Additionally, you might hear gurgling sounds coming from the washing machine, since water isn’t draining at the correct pace.

Major Signs

When your drainage pipes become too clogged, you’ll start to see flooding in the house. If your home has a basement, it will likely be the first place to exhibit flooding. You might find water on the floor with no apparent source that it came from. In homes without basements, you might see water stains on the ceiling. At this point, it’s crucial to take care of the drainage clog.

How to Fix It

The first course of action when you realize your pipes are clogged is to shut off the water at its main source. Many houses will also have an external drain pipe that sits right outside the house. Take the cap off of it and allow the water to drain into the yard briefly. Sometimes this will alleviate the pressure and help unclog the system.

If clogs are let go too long, it can destroy your house’s piping system. The piping system is set up like a tree’s roots, with one main line leading into and out of the house. Breaking this could result in permanent damage to your home. Early detection is the best advice. Contact sewer line services in Roswell, GAto prevent your sewer system from damage.