How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Sink Installation

Measure twice and cut once is true for carpentry, but it’s also useful for new plumbing installations. You must purchase the sink that’s right for your kitchen. Otherwise, your DIY project just got a lot more difficult. Of course, depending on what you find, you may still want to hire a professional plumber.

Always Follow Instructions

Before you start, it’s important to remember that you must follow instructions. If you alter the new sink or faucet to fit inside the space you have, the warranty for the product is voided. This is true even if you later discover that the new sink is defective.

Establish the Drain Height

Every kitchen sink must be installed to allow the water to drain into the pipes below. Your drain system must also include a trap to ensure that sewer gases cannot be passed back into your building. The trap is the portion of the piping under the sink where the pipe makes an unusual loop. In most cases, there is enough room below the trap to use the rest of the cabinet for storage.

The distance from the center of the drain line that comes out of the wall to the underside of your countertop should be between 16 and 18 inches to ensure there’s adequate space. If you’re switching from a shallow sink to a very deep one, you must pay attention this. If there’s not enough space, the drain pipe may need to be lowered. This is a job for an expert in plumbing in Woodstock.

Determine the Height of the Shut-Off Valve

Every newer home has a shut-off valve under each sink supply line. To ensure the new sink will fit your specifications, you should measure the distance from the floor of the cabinet to the center of the valve. If you live in an older home, there may not be a shut-off valve under your kitchen sink, because these weren’t required until the 1980s.

Having a functioning shut-off valve allows you to turn off the water supply locally without shutting off the main water line to the house. That means you can still wash your hands in the bathroom while you’re working on installing that kitchen sink. If there is no shut-off valve, you should consider asking an experienced plumber to install one for you before you attempt to replace the sink.

Plumbing Modifications

If you want to install a new sink but also want to change some of the plumbing system, then you must hire a professional to get it done. For example, if the new sink is part of your kitchen remodeling project, then a plumber can ensure that all your pipes still drain properly even after the modifications.