Get Your Broken Sewer Line Repaired

If you have a cracked sewer pipe, you should contact sewer leak repair as soon as possible. There are many types of property damage and health risks associated with a broken sewer line. At the first sign of damage, contact professional sewer line services in Roswell, GA. What are the causes and the risks associated with it? Read on to learn everything you need to know.


If your sewer line is made of cast iron, rust and corrosion as a result of near-constant exposure to moisture can cause them to deteriorate to the point of cracking or even breaking completely. Clay pipes, meanwhile, can become brittle. If they were poorly installed, they will crack from the water pressure. PVC and other plastic pipes–most common in new builds–can crack if exposed to extremely high water temperatures.

Unfortunately, water and waste pressure, invasive plant roots, and force from the surrounding soil can all crack your sewer line, no matter how old it is.


Signs of a broken sewer line also include gurgling and other strange sounds emitting from your drains, low water supply in your toilet, slow draining, sewage backup in tubs and toilets, and sewage odor in your yard or basement.

The signs of a damaged sewer line are not always apparent, even if sewage is already leaking into your soil. You may want to hire professional sewer line leak detection if you have concerns.


Professional sewer line repair is your best option at the first sign of damage. Because sewage is highly dangerous to the environment and can make you extremely ill, it is highly recommended that you call a plumbing service in your area to handle this work. They can perform pipe relining to repair pipes from the inside out, and they can even use hydraulics to burst through an old pipe and set a new one in its place. In some cases, trench repair–digging up and manually repairing the old system–may be required.

If the damage is too extensive, a full sewer line replacement will be the only option. While this sounds pricey, note that highly quality sewer line services in Roswell, GA, begin with regular maintenance and evaluation to determine if there is any chance of fixing the current line. A plumber will only recommend replacement if it is absolutely necessary. If you have never had your sewer line evaluated, contact a plumber in your area for a quick inspection. Catching problems early saves you money down the line.