5 Signs of a Sewer Line Leak

A leaking sewer could not only cause you to pay more in monthly utility bills, but it could actually be causing damage that will be costly to repair if left for long. While it’s always a good idea to have a professional do sewer line leak detection in Marietta, there are some signs you can watch for so that you know when to call. Here are some things to remember.

Spongy Floors

Since the plumbing system runs throughout the house, a leak in the sewer system would directly affect the condition of the floors that sit right above the leak. This seeping water eventually pools and penetrates your home, causing the wood to rot and deteriorate. The floor may feel soft or there may be discoloration in the flooring itself.

Running Water

If you can hear running water in your home even when the toilet and faucets aren’t running, it could be because there’s water flowing through the plumbing system because of a leak in the sewer pipes. If you constantly hear water, but can’t find the source, call for¬†residential sewer line repair in Marietta¬†right away. Even if you don’t actually hear running water, a higher water bill for no apparent reason could also indicate a leak.

Foundation Problems

Some foundation problems are due to leaky sewer lines. Saturated soil from the leak eventually begins to sink, along with the foundation. You may notice the concrete sidewalks, patio, or driveway buckling or even see cracks along the foundation that aren’t due to normal settling.

Foul Smells

There are 2 types of foul smells from a sewer leak. The first is the actual smell of sewage, which isn’t usually very noticeable for humans because the leak is underground and usually not very large. However, rodents smell the leak right away, which attracts them to your home. A sudden or persistent problem with rats could be due to a sewer leak. The second smell you’re more likely to notice is the smell of mildew or mold which is inevitable with leaking. Drains may also smell bad because of additional bacteria growth.

Unusual Landscape Growth

Having a suddenly lush patch of grass or other unusual landscape growth could be an initial sign of a leak. Later on, landscape will begin to die because of unhealthy bacteria.