Common Drain Issues That Require a Professional Plumber

Some drain issues are easily solved with a household plunger. Other problems require professional plumbing services in Powder Springs, GA. The key is knowing what these problems are. Check out these 3 situations that require a licensed plumber.

Recurring Clogs

Is there a drain in your house that keeps clogging regardless of how many times you think you’ve cleared the clog? Shower and bathtub drains, sink drains, and toilet drains that have developed large blockages often require professional drain cleaning services to fully clear the line. While it may clear temporarily using a drain snake or over-the-counter drain cleaning solutions, it won’t last. The clog will come back bigger and stronger.

Several Clogged Drains

Do you have multiple drains at your home that are clogging all at once? This is a sign of a serious main drain system clog. Simple home drain cleaning systems are not going to cut it. You’re not going to be able to clear the clog yourself. Cal a trusted plumber to help you with these plumbing problems in Powder Springs, GA.

Raw Sewage Backing Up

The whole point of a residential sewer system is to move waste water away from the home. If you notice a foul odor or see raw sewage backing up in your toilets, sinks, or bathtubs, call for emergency plumbing from Powder Springs, GA, plumbers. It’s likely that you have a clog or leak in the sewer line that is causing the waste water to back up into your home. Homeowners should never attempt to fix this drain issue. Messing with raw sewage is a health hazard, which is why it should always only be done by licensed, trained professionals.

Consider Preventive Drain Cleaning Service

One way to avoid things like slow drainage and recurring clogs is to invest in a regular drain cleaning maintenance program. Plumbing companies in your area offer several types of maintenance programs at all price levels. Find one that fits your budget and protect your home’s plumbing system from not only flooding, but other problems like leaky pipes and slab leaks.