Common Causes of Sewer Problems

Sewer problems are issues that many homeowners don’t wish to happen. But when they do, a drain dilemma is not always the easiest to fix. It requires hard work and an even tougher stomach to ignore the stench. Not to mention, sewer repairs can be costly especially if it needs an overhaul. To get the job done correctly, hire a person who is adept with¬†sewer line repair in Kennesaw, GA. Learning how to identify problems early on is the key, so here are some causes of sewer problems. Here are the common causes of sewer problems to watch for.


Try to flush and see if water will go down quickly. If water does not drain fast, then it could be a sign of obstruction.  Aside from quick draining, you should hear the toilet empty with force when flushed. Otherwise, consider hiring a certified plumber for a residential sewer line repair in Kennesaw, GA

Full Septic Tank

When the septic tank is full, you’ll notice that the water does not go down as quickly as it should. Similar to a blockage, water will go down slowly and may even end up in a backup. You’ll also hear some air bubbles popping or gurgling just after the water goes down. This sign indicates that the septic tank may be full.

Broken Sewage Pipes

When this happens, you’ll find various types of pests like rats, roaches, and snakes in your property. Breaks in sewage pipes may occur during winter when the ground contracts and causes the pressure to build up. If you can smell something pungent and the ground on your yard is soggy, it could also indicate broken sewage pipes. When your sewer line breaks, you’ll notice a sharp rise in your water bill.


Floods can cause your sewer to back up. Get it fixed as soon as the water recedes to ensure that your tank does not need draining.

Excessive Use of Drain Cleaning Products

Many of these chemical cleaners are corrosive. Don’t use them frequently or you’ll cause your pipes to break.

As with many home repairs, the sooner you catch the issue, the less likely you’ll break the bank paying for the line repair. It always pays to be observant. Schedule for a lead water pipe replacement in Kennesaw, GA, in case any of these problems happens.