Signs Your Water Pipe Needs Replacement

If you’re a homeowner in Johns Creek, you know any home repair is a chance to part with a good amount of your hard-earned money. When the repair is to one of the major systems in your home, the amount could devastate your budget. If the problem is your electrical or HVAC system, it’s not difficult to detect. Your furnace stops heating your home, or the lights dim for no reason. Plumbing issues, especially those that deal with your main water line, may not be as obvious. Read further to learn what signs may indicate your water pipe needs replacement.

The Dreaded Water Bill

Water leaks can be sneaky A leaky water line doesn’t always create a geyser, which means you may have damage before you know there’s a problem. One clue to a hidden water leak is when you get a water bill that’s much higher than normal. Most people use water at a fairly predictable rate, so when the bill arrives and it’s more than a few dollars higher than normal, it’s time to investigate.

You Have Ugly Water

Have you opened a faucet and noticed a rush of rusty water? Discoloration of your water could indicate corrosion in the pipes. Corrosion allows rust to seep into water pipes and is one cause of water pipe issues. Keep in mind that if the pipes are corroded, the discolored water will flow from all faucets. If you notice rusty water coming from your faucets, it’s time to have a professional check your plumbing in Johns Creek. Note: This is not the same as turning on the faucet in a sink that rarely gets used and seeing a small initial flow of brownish water.

Soggy Lawn Syndrome

If your lawn is always wet, even during the dry season, you may have a water main leak. Even if you water frequently, it’s not normal for water to pool, or stand in your yard. Unless the ground is saturated, as it tends to be in early spring during snow melt, your lawn should not have soggy spots. If you notice patches where water doesn’t soak in to the ground, have a plumber come out and examine your home for potential leaks.