5 Summer Plumbing Problems (And How to Avoid Them)

Summertime brings warm weather, outdoor fun, and different plumbing challenges than the rest of the year. Here are five plumbing problems that often occur throughout the summer and ways you can prevent them.

Faulty Sprinkler

Summer is your sprinkler’s busiest time of year, so naturally, you want to ensure that it works. During spring or early summer, get the sprinkler system inspected to make sure it still functions correctly after not using it all winter. On a side note, try to be extra cautious when mowing the lawn so you don’t damage the aboveground sprinkler heads or the blades of the mower.

Cleaning Up After Outdoor Fun

Summertime fun means going to the beach, hiking, and spending time outdoors. Though enjoyable at the time, it also means more cleanup when you get home. Indoor plumbing is not designed to handle lots of sand, mud, or gravel, and systems can easily become clogged because of this debris. When cleaning up after a long day of outdoor fun, try to get the bulk of the dirt off with the outside hose before hopping in the shower.

Heavy Rains

Warm summer weather typically comes with more rain and thunderstorms. Heavy rainfall can become too much for your gutters and drainage system, causing backups and flooding into your house. There are a few ways you can prevent this type of plumbing issue. First, make sure your gutters are clean and free of leaves and debris. Next, get your basement sump pump inspected to ensure it’s in working order. Lastly, consider hiring a professional to check out your property’s grading and see if there is anything you can do to keep the water away from the foundation.

Vacation Disasters

Are you going away for a long vacation this summer? Make sure to include plumbing preparations in your travel planning. The last thing you want is to come home from your relaxing vacation to see a giant puddle in the middle of the floor. Here are a few ways you can protect your plumbing while on vacation.

  • Check the appliances for leaks, cracks, loose hoses, and other malfunctions.
  • Ensure all indoor and outdoor taps are turned off.
  • Turn the water heater to its low or vacation setting.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your house every few days to ensure everything is okay. Leave the number of a trusted 24/7 plumbing service in Alpharettaso your friend knows who to call if there is an issue.

Be Mindful of the Garbage Disposal

Though you use your garbage disposal all year round, there are many summer foods that be a threat to your disposal. The fibrous parts of summer fruits and vegetables like celery sticks, corn cobs and husks, banana peels, and artichokes can clog the disposal. Seeds, pits, and popcorn kernels can also damage the disposal.