Reasons Why a Garbage Disposal Fails

Your garbage disposal is probably a feature that you rely on heavily in your kitchen. Oftentimes, you might smell a strange or rancid odor in your kitchen, only to run your sink and garbage disposal and realize that this takes care of the problem. Many people even have tricks for placing lemon peel or other pleasant-smelling foods in their garbage disposal, grinding it up, and giving their kitchen an instant fresh scent.

However, your garbage disposal is just like virtually any appliance in your home: it’s a precise machine, and that means that it may malfunction or even fail from time to time.

Before you hire faucet repair, you should know why your garbage disposal may fail. Experts in plumbing repair in Canton, GA, often stress the importance of preventing problems, rather than dealing with them head-on, at least when it comes to your plumbing. Here’s how to prevent a garbage disposal breakdown.

Power Supply Issues

If you attempt start the garbage disposal and find that absolutely nothing happens, then something may be wrong with its power supply. Of course, a garbage disposal with a switch in the off direction won’t operate, but something less obvious may have happened in your case. For instance, the machine may have become unplugged by accident. You may even have a bad circuit. Try resetting it from the breaker to see if this addresses the problem.

Bad Waste

If a garbage disposal is making noise as if it’s attempting to grind up food waste, but is not actually operating, then you may be guilty of pouring harmful foods down the drain. If you pour cooking crease, fat, or other semi-solids down your disposal, it can line the walls of the drain and clog the garbage disposal. When this happens, the blades will be unable to turn properly. It may need to be cleaned. You can hire a cheap plumber to clear out your drains safely and effectively.

Using Disposal as a Trash Can

Your garbage disposal is not a trash can. This may surprise some people. Its actual purpose is to eliminate food solids that happen to get left behind on your dishes. Your first choice for food disposal should be the trash can. Remember, if something’s large enough that you have to force it down into the garbage disposal, it has no business being there. This can get the flywheel stuck, which will make the garbage disposal unable to operate.

Overusing It

If you overuse the garbage disposal, it may overheat. When this happens, it may need to be switched off. Find the reset button to get it going again. But remember: an overheated appliance is at risk of total failure, the only solution for which would be replacement. Try to give your disposal a break, and never run it for more than a few seconds at a time.

No matter what happens with your garbage disposal, always hire professional plumbing repair in Canton, GA. They can safely repair or replace it, then perform other tasks on an as-needed basis, like toilet repair or shower repair.