The Plumbing Checklist to Follow before Buying a Home

Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or you’ve bought several homes, it’s always helpful to know what to look for when making such an expensive purchase. The last thing you want is to buy your dream home and realize after you close that you need extensive plumbing services in Canton, GA. Before you buy your new home use this checklist to stay alert to potential drain, pipe, and sewer line problems.

Turn on the Water

As you tour potential homes, don’t be afraid to turn on the water and flush the toilets. Pay close attention to the following red flags:

  • Is the water orange or rust-colored when you turn it on?
  • Does the toilet drain slowly when you flush?
    Does the toilet continue to run for long periods of time?
  • Is the water pressure low or does it seem too high?
  • Does the water heat up quickly or take too long to turn hot?

These problems aren’t necessarily deal breakers. In fact, it’s likely that the toilet has a slow drain because it needs simple drain cleaning plumbing service in Canton, GA. Discolored water often indicates that the water is hard and needs conditioning and water that doesn’t heat quickly is usually solved by adjusting the water heater’s thermostat. Still you want to address these issues before agreeing to buy the house. Even small problems add up when it comes to repair costs.

Running water

Inspect the Pipes

During home tours make sure to look under vanities to see if there are signs of leakage. If there are water spots or obvious puddles, have the homeowner address these issues as part of the buyer/seller agreement. Usually, this is a simple fix that requires new fittings or tightening the pipes. Other pipes you want to pay attention to are the exposed pipes that run along the ceiling in the basement. Check these pipes for the following:

  • Do they appear old?
  • Are they dripping in places?
  • Are there any loose connections?

Pipe replacement is not an inexpensive job, especially if a pipe bursts and you need a 24-hour plumber in Canton, GA.  During your visual inspection if you notice any piping issues take note and bring this up with the sellers. Do not agree to buy a property with plumbing issues.

Ask for Sewer and Septic Service Records

Sewer and septic problems are expensive plumbing issues that homeowners face every day. The last thing you want is to buy a property that has had major issues in the past that haven’t been fully resolved. Once you sign on that dotted line, those problems now become your nightmare. Don’t let this happen to you. Ask the sellers for updated service records, so you know the sewer or septic system’s repair or replacement history.

Have Your Own Professional Plumbing Inspection

Most buyers hire an inspector to inspect all parts of the home. While this is something you don’t want to skip, it’s also recommended to hire plumbers in Canton to perform an independent plumbing inspection. These inspections pick up on issues that regular home inspectors don’t look for and won’t note on an inspection report. It’s the reason that so many new homeowners find themselves dealing with broken pipes and leaky sewer lines. Protect your investment and get an independent plumbing inspection.

If you’re buying a new home and looking for the best plumbers in Canton, GA, contact Plumb Doctor™, LLC, today.