Ways to Keep Your Plumbing Flowing through the Holiday Rush

Welcome to the busiest time of the year, especially for plumbers in Powder Springs, GA.  Once the holidays arrive, local plumbers get a lot of emergency service calls for clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and leaky pipes. If you don’t want to find yourself calling a plumber right before guests arrive for a holiday party, follow these tips for a worry-free holiday season.

Keep Grease Away from Drains

When cooking a big holiday meal, it’s easy to free up some time by pouring cooking oil and fatty substances down the drain. But, truthfully, you’re not freeing up any time at all because these choices will come back to haunt you. As the residue cools, it sticks to the pipe lining and causes clogs. Do yourself a favor: toss these substances in the trash and you’ll avoid the need for emergencyplumbing services in Powder Springs, GA.

Encourage Good Flushing Habits

Take some time and speak with your kids about what is allowed in the toilet and what isn’t. When everyone’s home for Christmas break, toilets get used more frequently throughout the day. With the increased usage, it only takes one time flushing a cotton ball or facial tissue for the whole system to get backed up. Reminding your kids about the importance of good flushing habits saves you money.

Hot shower

Give Your Water Heater some Rest

Water heaters are sized for households according to how many people access the hot water each day. If you have extra people staying in your house for a long period of time, this puts pressure on the appliance. Overworked water heaters don’t hesitate to go on strike. When possible, consider taking breaks in between bathing and showering. Also, if you’re used to washing your clothes in hot water, why not switch to cold until your guests leave? This simple action puts less stress on your water heater and prevents plumbing failures.

Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal

These powerful kitchen appliances help you out in the kitchen, but they’re not designed to grind up everything under the sun. While preparing your holiday meals, keep items like fruit pits, bones, and fibrous food scraps out of the disposal. These items jam up the blades and cause the motor to work overtime. Also, be careful about how much food you add to the disposal. Instead of stuffing everything in all at once, insert small batches at a time and thoroughly grind the food waste. The last thing you want is for a broken disposal during the holiday season.

Preventive Plumbing in Powder Springs, GA

One of the best ways to prepare your residential plumbing for holiday festivities and guests is to contact a local plumber for a complete home plumbing inspection. Inspection services check your home for leaks, loose fittings, and bad parts. They also include helpful services such as drain cleaning, video camera pipe inspection service, and water heating flushing. Giving your plumbing a much needed tune-up gives you peace of mind. Also, when you’re looking for cheap plumbing in Powder Springs, GA, nothings cheaper than not needing unexpected emergency service.

Are you ready to get your home’s plumbing in its best condition for the holidays? If so, contact Plumb Doctor™ LLC, the area’s top-rated plumbing service.