5 Signs Your Bathroom Needs New Plumbing

You use your bathroom’s plumbing multiple times a day, relying on a clean supply of water at the appropriate temperature, as well as a good sewage line to get rid of wastewater. However, your plumbing isn’t perfect, and over the years, daily use starts to have an effect on your plumbing. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can occur, causing you to lose trust that your basic bathroom needs can’t be met.

When this happens, contact plumbers in Powder Springs, GA, for fast and high-quality plumbing services in all of your bathrooms, including sewer line repair, water heater maintenance, and an inspection of all related components.

But what happens when you need new plumbing? There’s a chance that it’s more expensive in the long run to repair your plumbing than replace it. Here are the 5 common and unfortunate signs that it’s time to replace your bathroom’s plumbing system, or at least some of its major components.

Damaged Hardware

If your sink, bathtub faucet, toilet, or showerhead is pouring out dirty water, it’s time to call a plumber. There are several reasons this could happen. At best, you need to upgrade your fixtures because they have developed internal rust. At worst, you have dangerous, lead-based pipes supplying your bathroom.

Water Where It Shouldn’t Be

If water collects around the base of your faucet or toilet when you use these appliances, then a plumbing upgrade is necessary. Small floods like these can damage your countertops, walls, and flooring. Even more destructive is sewage backup. Your drains are supposed to feed water out, not bring the city’s sewer supply into your home. If this happens, it’s time for an emergency sewer pipe replacement. Regular sewer line services can identify and prevent issues that cause sewage backup, including clogged plumbing.

Thirsty Taps

You shouldn’t have stand directly under your showerhead in order to get good water coverage, nor should you have to wash your hands with faucet mist. Corroding pipes can contribute to a weak water supply because they’ll narrow in diameter, decreasing the volume of water you see and feel.

Plumbing Odor

If the water that runs into your bathroom has a foul smell, your water heater may be full of bacteria and corroded metals. You may need a new water heater. If you smell foul odors coming from your drains, then there may be a serious issue with your appliances, or worse, your sewer line. Professional sewer line leak detection is your plumber’s way of locating the cause of the problem and fixing it before you experience destructive and dangerous sewage backup.


Mold is the number-one sign that virtually anything in your home has to go. It’s true of bread, it’s certainly true of wood, and it’s always true of your plumbing. Moldy bathroom walls likely have leaky moisture seeping inside them, feeding dangerous fungi that will feast on your sheetrock and the wooden structure of your walls. While a plumber can’t perform water damage restoration, they can replace the leaky plumbing inside your walls.

If you’ve seen any of these problems, then some of your bathroom plumbing, appliances, or fixtures need replacing as soon as possible. Contact plumbers in Powder Springs, GA, to protect your health, home, and yard from a plumbing crisis.