How to Save Money on Your Next Plumbing Project

Plumbing installation isn’t cheap. From a remodel to a new build, it can cost you quite a bit to put in new pipes. While it’s never a good idea to install your own plumbing system, that doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and leg for a job well done. With the help of these tips and your local plumbing services in Roswell, GA, you can save money while still getting quality service.

Don’t Call an Emergency Plumber

There are a few different types of plumbing services you can choose from when you’re looking to start a new project. Even if you’re looking to get the job done quickly, try to avoid calling an emergency plumber. While these plumbing specialists may be able to start on your project sooner, they’ll cost you quite a bit more. Plumbing contractors are the best option for those who are looking to install new pipes and systems. While many plumbing services may offer both contracting and emergency services, make sure you specify that your project doesn’t need to be rushed. This prevents you from being charged the emergency prices.

Choose a Less Expensive Pipe

In the past, most homeowners opted for copper plumbing pipes. While they’re durable and resilient, they’re extremely expensive. Instead of paying a pretty penny for piping, consider something less pricey. PEX piping costs about 66 percent less than copper. Petroleum based, this plastic piping option is just as long lasting. Plus, it will save you a fortune in the long run, especially if you’re installing plumbing in a new build.

Crimp Fit v. SharkBite Couplings

If you’ve chosen the more economical option and opted for PEX pipes, you’ll have two different coupling options. SharkBite couplings are among the most popular. They allow you to join together piping and secure them without the use of tools. Crimp-fit couplings require you to install a copper ring over the exterior of the PEX pipes and then tighten them by using a crimping tool. While both are an effective way to install and secure pipes, SharkBite couplings are much more expensive. By explaining to your chosen plumber that you’d like to use Crimp-fit couplings, you’ll save quite a bit on parts.

Prepare for the Plumber

Your chosen plumber will probably charge you based on the time spent completing the project along with the materials used. Cutting down on the cost of materials is easy once you’ve specified what you’d prefer. If you want to save on service costs, look for things you can do to prepare for your plumber. For example, moving stuff that may be in the way or setting up lighting are things that have to be done. If you do them instead of forcing your plumber to, they’ll be able to focus on the actual task instead of having to prep the area.

Don’t Change Your Footprint

Your home has probably already been designed with a plumbing system in mind. If you decide to move things around, especially during a remodel, it can get costly. Do your best to lower expenses by keeping showers, sinks, and toilets in the same place. This reduces the amount of work that will need to be done in order to complete your project.

No matter what you need done, it’s possible to get cheap plumbing in Roswell, GA, that fits your budget.