How to Remove Broken Glass from a Garbage Disposal

Plumbing can be complicated or even scary to DIY repair, especially when it comes to the garbage disposal. This can be an extremely dangerous appliance, one that is installed for the single purpose of breaking things down—a feature that it may enact on your hand should you make a wrong move.

However, if you get broken glass in your garbage disposal should a piece of glassware accidentally fall inside, you introduce a rare item that’s more dangerous to the disposal than the reverse. You may want to hire plumbing services in Johns Creek, GA, to remove the glass and restore your garbage disposal to everyday use.

However, there are 5 trouble-free and safe steps for you to DIY this job. Follow these steps before using your garbage disposal again and damaging it with shards of glass.

Shut Off the Power

The first thing you have to do is disarm the garbage disposal. Don’t rely on its switch being in the “off” position. You don’t want to risk serious injury. Switch off the breaker so it can’t possibly make you its victim.

Enter the Lair

It’s time to get into the disposal and fish out glass. Don’t put your hand inside. First, try using pliers to pull out large chunks of glass. Plumbing maintenance professionals usually use needle-nose pliers to fish solid items out of plumbing. Repeat until the task becomes troublesome. Don’t stop, you’re not finished yet.

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Bring In Help

Put a long-head attachment on your vacuum, and then start sucking up the glass. Be sure to clean the attachment and empty the dust bag after you’re finished. These parts will be dirtied by residue in the garbage disposal.

Rotate the Blades

Don’t worry, this step isn’t as scary as it sounds. Use a hex key to turn the blades from underneath the disposal. This step will loosen up any remaining glass so you can continue sucking up small shards. This is the last step of cleanup, so make sure that you give this time. You need to get out as many shards of glass as possible so you won’t have to hire plumbing main water repair later.

Return Power

Now, you’re free to return power to the garbage disposal. Give it a test; does it make any unusual noises? Flush it with water as you run it, just to clean it out. Now you should be safe to use this sink feature once more. If you have any further issues with your garbage disposal, contact a plumbing service in Johns Creek, GA.