Plumbing Checklist before Leaving on Vacation

When you’re leaving on vacation, you probably have a large checklist of things to do before you catch your plane or gas up the car. For one, you have to pack. You may also have to suspend newspaper delivery or leave pets with a loved one. However, most people are unaware of another task that should be on your pre-vacation to-do list: checking your plumbing. Any good plumbing company in Woodstock, GA, can help point you toward the specific issues with your plumbing, including weak spots or repetitive problems that demand your attention. However, for the most part, you should tend to the following before you go:

  • Find the main water valve, then turn it off. While you’re away, you won’t notice issues like leaking water, a burst pipe, or damp walls. Protect your home by shutting off the water supply so that nothing bad happens while you’re gone.
  • Talk to a plumber about your water needs while you’re gone. Plumbers in Woodstock, GA, can assess whether you should continue to allow water access. Your ice maker, outdoor sprinkler system, and other water-dependent services may need a continuous flow of water.
  • Enlist a friend. If you’re leaving for a long period of time, it’s recommended that you ask a friend to tend to plants, pets, and the thermostat. However, they should also flush the toilets occasionally and check on endangered areas where the plumbing is weak, like the space under a sink.
  • Check for leaks. Leaks are a huge threat to conservation, and also your wallet. While you’re gone, you don’t want to continue wasting water. Check out your appliances and spigots for signs of leaking.
  • Inspect the water heater. The heater will continue to run while you’re away. Most plumbers recommend that you set your water heater to a low or “away” setting so that it runs on very little power. Just let your house-sitting friend know that they probably shouldn’t use your shower.

  • Run the pool filter pump to prevent algae and other nasty buildup from accumulating in the pool. You should turn off the pool filter while you’re gone, but be sure to run it one more time before you go.
  • Test the sump pump. Check for basement or crawlspace for a sump pump. Pour a large quantity of water over it, then see if it removes water from its retention pit. If it doesn’t work, a plumber company should stop by to fix the sump pump.
  • Fix damaged plumbing. A plumbing company in Woodstock, GA, can repair damaged plumbing and problems that may worsen while you’re away.