Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer Plumbing

In the summer, plumbing in Milton, GA, increases due to the additional demands placed on the system. More showers are taken throughout the day, there are more loads of laundry, and there’s more cooking. Now that summer is here, it’s important that you have tips to prepare your home for summer plumbing.

Be Vigilant with Your Drains

Throughout the summer, shrubs and trees will grow much quicker. If you have these items within close proximity to your sewer lines, then you need to be proactive in making sure that the roots do not grow into your sewer line. If this happens, it can cause a big clog. If you notice that your drains have been draining slower for a period of time without any resolution, then this is a red flag that you may already have root damage. If you’re someone who gardens frequently in the summer, then it’s best to plant far away from the sewer line. In a situation where you end up with a huge problem, you will need plumbing main water line repair in Milton, GA.

Turn off Your Water Supply

In homes that have been well-maintained, faulty pipes are rare issues for plumbing in Milton. By turning off your water supply while on vacation, you are adding an extra layer of security to reduce the chance of potential damages while you’re away. To accomplish this, find your shut-off valve and turn it off. The valve is usually located next to the water meter outside.

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Turn off Your Water Heater and Softener System

By turning off your water heater and softener system, you will reduce the amount of wasted water and energy which will save on your utility costs. To turn off your water heater, you will need to locate the main breaker panel. You can also drain out your water heater. To drain your water heater, you must connect a hose and direct it to a bucket. If your water heater has a vacation setting, you can turn that on instead.

Check for Leaks

Water conservation is a critical issue during the summer months and checking for leaks is a way to make sure you’re doing that. Perform a comprehensive inspection for leaks by first turning them on and off. After you turned the faucets off, closely examine them for about a minute to ensure that there are no indications of leaks. If you notice leaks, you must be proactive in ensuring that these issues are repaired by experienced plumbing contractors in Milton, GA.

Check Your Washing Machine

In the summer, you will likely have more laundry to do. Make sure that you check your washing machine hoses to look out for cracks, leaks, or bulges. Also, your washing machine should be at least four inches away from the wall so that kinks do not form. If you have a machine that is older, then you need to get it inspected as soon as possible.