Top Reasons Your Water Bill Is Rising

As a homeowner, landlord, or manager of real estate, you’re accustomed to your water bill arriving quarterly, along with the tax bill. It varies slightly according to season, but what could be some of the reasons for a major hike in your bill?

Professionals 24-hour plumbers in Roswell, GA, know that many of the possible reasons stem from small issues allowed to occur over a long period of time. Read on to assess your current plumbing profile.

Consistent Drips

Unless you live in a bitter cold winter climate and you’ve left your faucet intentionally open to prevent pipes from freezing, you should never hear “drip-drip-drip.”

Although it may seem like a trace amount of water, your meter is constantly running. Over the course of a day, week, or even months, it adds up making your water bill rise. If you’re hearing dripping, call a 24/7 plumber in Roswell, GA.

Invisible Leaks

Leaks aren’t always obvious. Their origin may be behind walls or under stairs. If you notice an unexpected rise in your water bill, and you’ve ruled out many possible reasons, it’s best to call a 24/7 plumbing service in Roswell, GA, to check your water lines.

They have specialized equipment that’s able to detect even the smallest of leaks. Gone untreated, those leaks can grow into much bigger plumbing emergencies.

Intermittent Running

The modern toilet makes it easy to forget the quantities of water we use every time we flush. If you have an older model, it can use up to seven-gallons every flush.

If your toilet has something in the tank preventing it from fully refilling, it will run, continuing to try and reach the fill mark that signals the water to stop. A running toilet wastes an exorbitant amount of water over the course of a day. Usually, it’s a simple fix, but if you need a professional, a 24/7 plumber service in Roswell, GA, will be happy to come out and help.

Additions to Your Home

  • New Appliances

A new dishwasher or washing machine may use a different amount of water-per-cycle than your old one. Look for a model labeled, “energy-saving” and you may just see your water bill drop a bit.

  • New Family

If you are a home that takes people in, either for short or long-term stays, they are adding to your water usage. You can expect to see a difference in your water bill.

  • Seasonal Uses

Be prepared to see a higher water bill in the warmer months. Not only do you consume more water, you water gardens, lawns, and occasionally run the sprinkler for the kids.

If your water bill gives you sticker shock after checking all the obvious solutions, call a 24-hour plumber in Roswell, GA, to assess your plumbing and return your bill to normal.