3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet Wax Ring

Your toilet is a feature that you rely on every single day. However, it takes more than a swipe of the toilet brush to maintain this important fixture. After all, the toilet wax ring is not without its term limit, and may someday need professional plumbing repair.

It’s recommended that you also hire occasional plumbing maintenance in Roswell, GA. If you haven’t had your toilets inspected in recent years, besides to address a clog, then request that a plumber inspect every toilet wax ring in your home. Without it, flooding, foul odors, and other unpleasant situations are possible.

But don’t worry; there are some simple signs of a defect that you can remember. If you’ve noticed any of the following, professional plumbing repair is a must.

Leaky Water

One of the main purposes of your toilet wax ring is to prevent moisture from escaping the plumbing system. If water seems to collect around your toilet for no apparent reason, then the wax ring is failing.

Are you unsure if water is leaking from around the sink, tub, or even directly from the toilet tank? Could footsteps out of the tub or shower be responsible for standing water? Pour food coloring into your toilet tank. If the water that collects around your toilet is the same color as the water from your tank, then the wax ring is almost definitely to blame here.

Bad Odor

Standing water or sewer gas odor can seep out of your sewage system and directly into your bathroom. The problem may be so bad that you can smell it when you approach the toilet, let alone when you uninstall and move the toilet.

Of all plumbing problems, almost none are so urgent as the presence of bad bathroom odors. If this occurs in a guest bath, the smell can be very embarrassing. No amount of cleaning around the toilet with address the issue. Repairs are a must.

Crooked Toilet

Of all the things you expect from a toilet, acting as a comfortable and level seat should be one of them. A crooked toilet can be a huge annoyance, and the problem may come down to the wax ring under it. If the ring is degrading unevenly or the toilet was poorly installed, then the toilet may be sitting askew on the wax ring. A plumber will need to either correct its shape, shift the toilet to install it correctly, or replace the wax ring altogether.

Keep an eye out for these 3 symptoms of wax ring trouble at home. And should you happen to have these or any issues with your toilet, contact a local plumber for fast and reliable plumbing maintenance in Roswell, GA.