How a Plumber Can Help after a Home Flood

Your first priority after a flood in your home is going to be recreating a safe environment and getting your home back to as close to normal as it can be. There are some things that you can do yourself to accomplish this. For instance, keep children and pets away from the flooded areas. As soon as you realize what’s happening, turn off the water to your home. After the flood has been contained and is under control, you may even be able to remove furniture and valuables touched by flood water.

After you’ve done all you can do, calling a plumber can be immensely helpful to get your home back to normal and to have your plumbing working properly again. There are often issues related to the flood that you couldn’t have detected before or during the event that a plumber can spot to help minimize the risk of another flood happening. Here are some of the different ways a 24/7 plumber service in Woodstock, GA, can help you after your home has been flooded.

Check for Drain Clogs

Flooding is often the result of a drain clog that goes undetected. Other times, flooding can cause drain clogs by leaving behind residue that clogs drains once the flood water recedes or is removed. Hiring a plumber to come check for drainage issues is important to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Fix Broken Pipes

Just like with drain blockages, broken pipes can cause flooding as well as occur as a result of flooding. Either way, make sure you work with a plumber to identify any cracked or broken pipes after a flood. Fixing the broken or cracked pipes before they get worse is important. Even small cracks can create big problems if left unrepaired.

Identify Sinkholes

The plumbing in the walls and basement of your home are not the only potential problem areas. Pipes that are underground may have been affected by flood waters especially if they are buried beneath wet soil that doesn’t have a lot of drainage. A plumber can identify problem areas such as collapsed pipes to make sure there are no sinkholes in your future.

After you’ve done all you can do after a flood to restore your home to its former state, don’t forget one of the most important things in your restoration efforts. Contacting a licensed and insured 24-hour plumber in Woodstock, GAwill go a long way to make sure flooding doesn’t get worse or happen again. If you have a problem with your plumbing that’s left undetected, a plumber is the best professional to make sure your home remains safe and secure in the future.