Most Common Causes of Water Leakage in Your Home

Having a water leak would concern any homeowner, but the unfortunate reality is that at some point over the course of time that you own your home, you’re going to experience it. When it happens, it can be costly to repair, depending on how long it went undiagnosed and how much damage it caused. Obviously, beginning repairs as soon as possible is best, as it minimizes the damage to not only your pipes and water mains, but other parts of your house that might be flooding. Although it may not be possible to prevent entirely, understanding the main causes can help you prevent problems before they start. Here are some key examples of what causes water leaks.

Clogged Lines

Drains can easily get clogged. If you have an older home, you’re at a higher risk of having your pipes get clogged, as water drainage through them is often slower. People lose hair in the shower, which can clog drains. Not properly disposing of food materials can also cause clogged drains. There are countless things that can clog your drains, and when they become clogged it’s going to significantly increase the likelihood that water leakage will occur. If water seems to be leaking from a ceiling and there’s a bathroom above it, the cause is almost certainly clogged lines. In a lot of cases it will be easy which lines are clogged, based on where the leak is coming from. However, properly disposing of food and using filters to keep hair from clogging your shower drain are two great ways of preventing clogged lines.

Tree Roots

Most people don’t think about it, but if the lines out to your septic tank travel near a tree, it’s possible that the tree’s roots could eventually grow and affect that pipe. If you notice there are leaks in your yard near your septic tank, this is a very real possibility. Roots extend farther underground than most people realize. If a tree’s roots is impacting your pipes out to your sewer tank, it will eventually cause backup in your home as well.

Fast Temperature Changes

If you live in a climate where it gets particularly cold, or that has frequent swings in temperature, you’re at a higher risk of having damaged pipes. When the weather drops to below freezing after it has been above freezing for an extended period of time, the water in your pipes could freeze. This causes the water inside the house to back up, inevitably causing leaks.

Paying attention to these common problems can keep you from needingĀ water leak repair in Alpharetta, GA.