5 Warning Signs You Should Replace Your Main Water Line

A failing main water line that requires water service line repair in Canton, GA, can sometimes exhibit signs that it needs to be replaced as well. Regardless of whether you just need repairs or replacement, there are some signs you should watch for to make sure the quality of fresh water coming into your home isn’t compromised. Here are some things to watch for.

Low Pressure

Low water pressure could be an indicator of main water line problems. This is especially true if the drop in pressure is significant and sudden. If could mean that there’s a leak requiring main water line repair in Canton, GA, or it could mean the line has failed completely and needs to be replaced. There are other plumbing issues like a damaged sewer line or clogged drains that could also cause water pressure to drop, so in any case be sure to call a plumber right away.

Changes in Water Color

Since the main water line is used to bring in clean, treated water, it should generally be clear and colorless. Occasional rust in the water is common because parts of the system can build up rust that’s eventually flushed out; however, if you notice that water is consistently rust-colored or tinted brown, it means that the line is probably corroded and that dirt is getting into your system and contaminating the water.

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Wet Patches Outside

Wet or soggy patches in your yard could be attributed to a malfunctioning sprinkling system or a dip in the ground that naturally collects rainwater. However, if there aren’t any of these explanations for a soggy patch on your property, the culprit could be a leaking main water line. This is common as the line leaks and water begins to puddle above the area leaking. Call a plumber right away if you’re unable to explain soggy patches of lawn.

More Water Use

You should generally be able to explain when your monthly water bill is on the rise. It’s a good idea to track how much water your home usually uses every month so that you can identify a sudden and unexplained increase in water usage. A spike in usage could mean that you’re paying for water you’re not using that’s simply leaking from a damaged main water line. This is especially concerning if you’ve noticed other signs of damage as well.

Signs of Corrosion

Most homeowners don’t think much about the soil their plumbing lies in, but it’s a good idea to test your soil’s pH levels. Soil with higher pH levels will cause pipes to corrode more quickly, so if your soil has a high pH level, you can watch for signs of corrosion. These include discolored water as well as visible signs of rust on your pipes. You should check your pipes periodically or have a professional check them regularly as well.