7 Steps You Should Follow in a Plumbing Emergency

Discovering soaked carpet or a pool of standing water from a burst or leaking pipe is a startling experience. It can make anyone panic because water damage spreads with every passing moment. The best advice is to remain calm and take these steps while someone calls emergency plumbers in Milton.

#1 Shut off Your Water

Do you know where your main water valve is located? If not, now is a good time to find it for future reference. Knowing the location of the valve is essential when water is gushing. Your first step in an emergency is to turn that valve off. That will stop the flow of water feeding the leak. If the source of the leak is near something such as the toilet or kitchen sink, there may be other secondary valves that you can shut off as well.

#2 Turn off Your Water Heater

When a plumbing emergency occurs, it’s best to turn off your water heater to reduce the potential of it overheating or bursting. Water heaters come as both electric and gas models. Electric water heaters should be turned off at the circuit breaker. Many gas water heaters have a valve to the gas line at the base of the heater.

#3 Open Outdoor Spigots

Once you’ve stopped the flow of new water by shutting valves, you’ll want to reduce the amount of water still in the pipes. By opening exterior spigots, more of that water will harmlessly water your lawn as opposed to soak the interior of your home.

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#4 Plug the Leaks

If you can access the pipes where leaking is occurring, wrap tape or rags around the source. It’s best to prevent that water from leaking out into your home before plumbers in Milton can arrive for more extensive repairs. While you might use any type of tape in a pinch, having a roll of plumber’s tape available on a “just in case basis” is smart on your part.

#5 Capture Water with a Bucket

You need to contain as much water as you possibly can. Capturing water in buckets prevents it from spreading or soaking in, which minimizes water damage.

#6 Bring out the Mops

Start mopping standing water as another water containment strategy to reduce overall water damage.

#7 Call a Plumber

Calling an emergency plumber in Milton is not necessarily so far down on the list. Do it as soon as you can after you initially secure the situation.

Be Prepared before a Plumbing Emergency Strikes

You simply can’t predict when a plumbing emergency will strike, but you do know that hundreds of people will experience one every day. Before it happens to you, it’s best to build a relationship with a contractor that can offer emergency plumbing in Milton. When you do, the pros will arrive that much sooner to get your life back to normal.