How Replacing Old Plumbing Pipes Saves You Money

They say that some things get better with age; unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to your plumbing pipes, not in the least. Nearly every plumbing company will recommend that you replace old plumbing, for your safety and for the value of your home. Better yet, replacing old plumbing can even save you money. Here’s what you need to know about replacing old plumbing, courtesy of experts in plumbing repair from Woodstock, GA.

Old Flaws

Nearly every American home built before 1960 included galvanized steel plumbing. While this may sound like a durable and water-resistant material, galvanized steel is now widely panned across the plumbing community for its host of problems, including rust and leaks. If you have galvanized steel plumbing, you may have noticed leaks, especially at bends and joints.

Old alternatives, including cast iron pipes, are prone to rust, which means that you can find yourself with a rusty, dangerous water supply. In the 1980s, plastic pipes became popular. However, the cheap plumbing of this decade is prone to being crushed under the weight of soil or invasive tree roots in your yard. All of these issues will be costly to repair.

Poor Water Pressure

Older pipes made of the above materials, or even high-quality plumbing that’s been overused for several decades, can develop low water pressure. The reason for this is that the pipes have corroded and narrowed, like blood vessels filled with plaque. Hot water pipes are particularly prone to corrosion, especially if they’re made of cast iron or galvanized steel. This low pressure is inconvenient and potentially damaging to appliances.

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Sewer Issues

Older homes tend to have issues with their sewer pipes, which direct wastewater out of your home. Unfortunately, old sewer lines may be crushed, as described above, or could have corroded. Unfortunately, the only inexpensive way to check the status of your sewer line is to run a camera down it. Cheap plumbing companies can feed a camera line into your plumbing and inspect it for cracks and corrosion. However, the best plumber you can find may be able to recognize the signs of a troubled sewer line, including clogs.

Good Value

So how does replacing this old, plagued plumbing save you money? Re-pipe jobs are often used as the prime example of home repairs no one can afford. Actually, this type ofplumbing repair in Woodstock, GA, is actually a good value, especially because new plumbing will work effectively. This puts a stop to the multiple inconvenient and expensive repairs associated with old plumbing, like the above examples. Rather than continuing to repair old plumbing until a disaster like a burst pipe occurs to cause extensive home damage, invest in savings and turn to local plumbers for a new set of pipes. Copper and PVC pipes are widely considered the best plumbing for the price today, and will last far longer than galvanized steel and other old home plumbing materials.