Common Plumbing Troubles during Winter

Colder temperatures bring with them plumbing problems for unprepared homeowners. From pipes to bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures, there are numerous issues that happen when temperatures dip below freezing. If you want to avoid emergency plumbing service in Powder Springs, GA, learn more about these common cold-weather plumbing problems.

Beware of Frozen Pipes

By far, this is the #1 concern for homeowners when it comes to residential plumbing. When pipes aren’t insulated well or located in parts of the house that are at an increased risk of freezing, you might encounter frozen pipes. The problem with frozen pipes isn’t just that the flow of water is blocked. The bigger concern is that frozen pipes cause a spike in water pressure. When this happens, the line could burst and cause flooding throughout the house. Imagine what a mess this could be if you’re away from the house on a warm-weather getaway. If you’re concerned about the pipes freezing in your home, contact plumbing repair in Powder Springs, GA, for service.

Water Heater Failure

Water heater failure can happen at any time during the year. However, it’s during the winter months when the risk of failure increases. The reason for the increased risk is that the water coming into the water heater is colder than usual. The colder the water is when it enters the heater, the harder the appliance has to work to heat the water. If you have an older water heater that hasn’t had proper plumbing service such as regular maintenance, then this could be a potential problem for you. If you notice any issues such as loss of water pressure, heating problems, or water heater leaks, call for service right away.

Clogged Drains

It’s not so much the temperature that affects drains during the winter. It’s more about the holidays. During winter from Thanksgiving to New Years, people tend to entertain more people in their homes. When you’re entertaining more people, that puts more pressure on your drainage system. If you have small clogs already forming inside the drains, it’s likely that the problem will snowball. You can reduce the risk of wintertime drain clogs by calling a plumber for drain cleaning plumbing. Also consider getting sewer line inspection to make sure there aren’t serious problems waiting to erupt just in time for your guests to arrive.

Even though Georgia doesn’t experience brutal winters, the temperatures do still drop below freezing for several days a time. Get your plumbing ready for the cold weather and call Plumb Doctor™ LLC today for affordable plumbing maintenance services.