5 Drain Maintenance Tips to Accomplish This Fall

Autumn is a season of pumpkin-flavored treats, the occasional red leaf, and a cool breeze that arrives to relieve you of the summer heat. However, it’s also a season of responsibilities. Your kids are certainly feeling the sudden rush of responsibilities now that school has started up again, and it’s time for you to do some important tasks, too. Namely, you have to maintain your plumbing. You may be thinking, “Shouldn’t people just call plumbing contractors in Powder Springs, GA, for their plumbing needs?” A professional plumbing service can certainly help you with repairs and inspections, but general upkeep comes down to homeowners like you–that is, if you want to prolong the life of your pipes, fixtures, and appliances.¬†

And because your drains are particularly prone to damage, including clogs and cracks, you need to work hard to maintain them this fall. But don’t worry; here’s a simple to-do list to follow before winter arrives. These are the top 5 drain maintenance tasks that plumbers recommend to all homeowners.

Store Hoses

Autumn will have the occasional cold day, and winter will bring icy days, even in the South, so make sure you take care of your outdoor faucets and hoses before that happens. Remove all garden hoses, drain them, then store them in a garage or shed.

Turn off Hose Bibb

Then, locate the hose bibb shut-off valve now so you can activate it in the winter. Check the outdoor faucet and pipes for cracks or leaks. When it’s time to winterize, turn off your hose bibb and inside water supply line, activate outdoor faucets to drain out any water, then shut them off. Consider installing frost protection, or hire affordable plumbing to install it for you.

Check the Sewer Line

The sewer line can undergo severe stress in cold weather, mostly due to the fact that liquids will expand in the cold. A good sign of sewer line issues is trouble with several drains in the same vicinity. For example, if all of your drains in one bathroom are slow, there may be blockage in the sewer line. Hire a plumber to conduct a sewer line inspection, if necessary.

Maintain the Water Heater

You’re definitely going to need a reliable water heater this fall and winter. Now’s the time to maintain this life-saving appliance. Flush the water heater to improve its efficiency and prolong its lifespan. Hire a plumber for a detailed inspection if your water heater is over 5 years old.

Inspect the Sump Pump

The sump pump is an outdoor device that catches overflowing water into a basin. It protects your yard and basement from floods. Locate this feature in your yard, remove debris that has collected inside, then call plumbing contractors in Powder Springs, GA, to test its storm protection capabilities.