Items That Should Never Go Down Your Drains

Maintaining your drains now saves you a world of trouble in the future. Any homeowner knows that even washing your hands with soap can lead to clogs over time. Drains seem to be highly sensitive to anything besides water. This goes for sink, bathtub, shower, and even appliance drains in your kitchen and bathrooms.

So, if you’re putting any of the following items down your drains, you aren’t just increasing your chances of having a clog, you’re also contributing to plumbing damage, environmental disasters, the possibility of disastrous sewage backup, and thick clogs that only a 24-hour plumber in Canton, GA, could treat.

Here are the top items that belong in your wastebasket, not your drains.

Toxic Chemicals

If you wouldn’t consume it or use it to clean your sink, don’t pour it down your drains. Paint, solvents, oil, and even some cleaning products like bleach and high-phosphate products are terrible for the local environment. Once these items leave your water treatment plant, they can destroy local ecosystems, kill wildlife, and even harm forests. Oils and paints can form a solid mass in your drain pipes and clog them. Only the best plumber could remove these intensive clogs.

Beauty and Hygiene Products

When it comes to solid objects, your drains are really only designed to handle toilet paper, solid sewage, and stray food particles from your dishes. However, plumbing repair teams often find a world of foreign objects in drains, including paper towels, cotton swabs and balls, plastic packaging, moistened wipes, scrubs pads and more. You may be thinking, “But aren’t these products biodegradable?” Most of them, yes, but that means that they’ll naturally break down in a landfill, not in your drains.


Medications that you don’t consume belong in your trash can, in a sealed container or bag that your pets or children can’t access. Unfortunately, many people are in the habit of throwing medications in the trash, including antibiotics, antidepressants, and pain killers. US researchers have even found medicinal chemicals running through municipal water supplies.

Food Fats

From olive oil to chicken skin, fat belongs in the trash, not your drains. Even the best garbage disposal system isn’t designed to handle fat. Why are food fats so harmful? Fat does to your plumbing what it does to your veins and arteries. They solidify in drains, forming buildup that blocks the flow of liquids. This can even happen deep in your sewer main where you can’t fish the blockage out.

Remember that good plumbing maintenance means being a smart homeowner and caring for your plumbing every day. Always put the above items in a trash can or dumpster, not your plumbing drains. If you do the latter, you’ll need a 24-hour plumber in Canton, GA, to fix the damage before you know it.