Benefits of Installing Sump Pump in Your Basement

Unless you live in the desert and possibly even then, if you have a basement, you’ve had a need at some point for a sump pump. Almost everyone has had that sinking feeling when they hear a drip, drip, drip where none is supposed to be in a basement or have seen a deluge of rain start to seep through the walls or the floor of the basement. If you’re on the fence as to whether you need a sump pump, before you have to resort to emergency plumbing in Marietta, there are several reasons why it makes sense.


This is the obvious reason and the one reason most people need a sump pump. Floods can happen for a variety of reasons that require the best plumber in Marietta, including burst pipes, rotted-out water heaters, natural flooding because of storms, backed up sewage, etc. Before that plumber gets there, however, you have to control the flood to try and control the damage. A sump pump has one job: Help you control flooding.

If your sump pump and drainage are working at peak efficiency and placed correctly by plumbing contractors in Marietta so all liquid drains to it, virtually every type of flooding except a deluge, can be handled with ease. If you live in a climate that has heavy rainfall, seepage is common when the water table is saturated, and in those cases, a sump pump can keep up with virtually all the seepage flooding nature throws at it. The same can be said for burst pipes or a rotted water heater. About the only type of flooding a sump pump would be useless in would be a total immersion event, such as a flooding river, in which case, what happens in your basement is probably not a primary concern at the moment.


There are at least two reasons a sump pump helps with general safety. The first is it reduces fire hazards. Most are unaware, but flood water can cause shorts when it gets into electrical systems. The short can happen in a wall, but more likely it will happen with appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, even dehumidifiers. When that happens, a fire can start.

The second reason is that the sump pump reduces the possibility of electrocution if your basement is flooded. It’s rare, but occasionally a flooded basement will have a live current going through it because of submerged electrical outlets. If this is the case and a person provides a connector to a ground, such as a copper pipe, they can be electrocuted. A sump pump can help keep the water level down enough so that no outlets or other appliances have their electrical components submerged until you can contact a plumbing company in Marietta. This is particularly true if you rest your appliances on pallets.


Mold takes root in dark, moist, warm areas. A sump pump helps keep water out of your basement, thus depriving mold a chance to thrive.

Having a working sump pump in your basement is one way of ensuring that you are able to handle just about any type of flooding, no matter how large. A sump pump can also help control damage if you need emergency plumbing in Marietta by holding the water off until professional help arrives.