Myth-Busting Facts about Plumbers

No matter what type of profession you consider, there are bound to be stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding it. The plumbing industry is no different. As we all know, there are plenty of stereotypes about plumbers out there. Are they true? Read on to learn about the many misconceptions surrounding plumbing professionals.

Plumbers Are Messy

The truth is that plumbing jobs do get messy, but professional plumbers clean up their messes. If you’ve had a bad experience with a plumber in Marietta, GA, that involved a mess left behind, it says more about the person than the industry as a whole. Licensed professionals go the extra mile to make sure they keep your home clean and take extra precautions to protect your floors, cabinets, etc.

Plumbing Rates Are Expensive

Have you ever needed an emergency plumber in Marietta but waited until regular business hours to call for service because you didn’t want to pay expensive after-hour fees? Don’t worry. You wouldn’t be alone in this boat. In fact, many people let major plumbing issues like water leaks and overflowing toilets continue to exist for longer than necessary because they’re scared of the associated costs.

The truth is that some plumbers charge hefty after-hour fees. Others don’t distinguish between regular hours and after-hours. Some plumbing services in Marietta charge by the job and others charge by the hour. The key to finding reasonably priced services is to call around and not make assumptions. You might be surprised by just how reasonably priced plumbers can be.

Plumbers Are All the Same

Don’t fall for this myth. Not all plumbers are the same. First, you have the differences between a residential plumber and a commercial plumber. Residential plumbers work on single-family homes and maybe small apartment buildings. They don’t have the tools or the experience to work on commercial or industrial plumbing that involves bigger, more complex systems.

It’s also important to mention that there’s a difference between a regular plumber and a sewer contractor. If you have sewer problems at your home that require any work done under sidewalks, parking lots, streets, or other public areas, you must hire a plumber approved by the city and with the proper credentials. Failure to do this could lead to serious fines and consequences with the city.

Plumb Doctor™ in White Hat

Plumbers Aren’t Necessary for All Plumbing Problems

Do you need a plumber to help you plunge a toilet or change a toilet handle? The answer is probably not. These are simple fixes that most people are capable of doing on their own. Now, what about when you need plumbing repair in Marietta that involves sewer line damage, broken water pipes, or water heater repair? Should you attempt to watch a video online and make these repairs yourself? It’s not recommended. Plumbers have the expertise and the tools to complete jobs correctly.

It’s also important to hire plumbers when you’re doing any kitchen or bathroom plumbing renovation work. Most cities have a permit process that require licensed plumbers to complete any work that involves moving or installing piping. Do yourself a favor and weigh the consequences of not hiring a plumber to help you with your next project. Is it worth it to go the DIY route?

When you need a plumber for routine plumbing service or 24-hour emergency plumbing in Marietta, call the local pros at Plumb Doctor™, LLC.