Signs It’s Time to Hire a Professional Plumber Immediately

If you’re having plumbing problems but don’t know if you should hire a plumber, here are signs that you need to hire a plumber immediately.

There are some plumbing issues that you can fix on your own. Others you need to call in a professional. These include, low water pressure throughout the home, flooding caused by burst pipes or sewage backup, unexplained wet spots or saturation in the yard, unexpectedly high water bills, no hot water, when you have to use the plunger on a daily basis, or if you have a slow leak you can’t fix.

Low water pressure for one appliance or one area of the home may be due to mineral build-up, which is often easy to take care of. However, when the water pressure in the entire house is affected, you could have a problem in one of several entry points for water to the home. To diagnose where the problem is and fix it correctly often takes specialized equipment and tools.

A burst pipe or sewage backing up into the home is a serious problem. Calling in a plumber for these emergencies will get the problem corrected quickly while minimizing the damage.

Wet spots in the yard that can’t be explained by rainfall or sprinklers can indicate a burst pipe under the yard. A professional can find the problem and do the necessary excavation to fix the problem quickly.

If you monitor your water bill and notice that it’s higher than the previous year, it could be because you have an unseen leak somewhere in your water system. Even slow leaks can add up to higher bills and cause damage to the home.

A plunger is something that should only be used once in a while. If you’re using it every day, you could have a problem farther in the pipes that your plunger can’t reach.

No hot water probably indicates an issue with the water heater.

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