Tips for Preventing Sewage Backup

You’ve probably heard someone’s horror story about how their sewer backed up and flooded their house with raw sewage. As scary as it is to think about this happening in your home, the good news is that it never has to be an issue. Homeowners who take precautions and pay attention to their plumbing for signs of potential sewer problems won’t get taken by surprise.

Check out these tips from plumbers in Woodstock, GA, to prevent a sewer backup at your home.

Be Careful about Pouring Grease Down Drains

One of the best was to prevent future sewer problems is to keep grease out of your household drains. Most people know that it’s a big no-no to pour a pan filled with hot cooking oil down the kitchen sink, but what about the grease that’s on the bits of leftover food you toss in the garbage disposal? Or, what about the trace amounts of cooking fat that’s leftover on serving dishes or pans?

The less grease that ends up in the drainage system, the better for your main sewer line. Remember, the sewer line carries all the water away from your home, not just toilet water. The next time you cook a meal, wipe down pots and pans with a paper towel before washing them to keep as much grease out of your sewer system as possible.

Stop Using Flushable Wipes

Yes, the packaging might say cleansing wipes are flushable, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for your sewer system. Emergency plumbers can tell you their own horror stories about blocked drains caused by these wipes. A quick Google search will also show you what your pipes look like when you flush one too many of these wipes.

Do your sewer system a favor. Throw away flushable wipes. You’ll have fewer clogs and sewer problems won’t surprise you.

Install Hair Catcher Over Shower Drains

Most people don’t realize how much hair goes down their household drains. If you have a household of women with long hair, you need to do more to keep hair from going down the drain. As hair collects in the sewer pipe, it balls up and also catches other debris like bits of soap. Eventually, this turns into one big mess in your sewer pipe, and you’ll find sewage water backing up in your shower drains.

Fix Broken Sewer Pipes

Cracked sewer pipes are an open invitation for tree roots to grow inside the pipe. Tree root intrusion is a common problem, especially for households that have clay pipes. Once roots get into the pipe, they grow fast and cause stop water from flowing through the line.

The problem is that most people don’t realize they have a broken sewer pipe until they have a backup. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be how it goes for you. Scheduling a sewer camera inspection annually helps you catch problems in the parts of your plumbing you don’t see. If an inspection finds a crack in the sewer line, you can take action now to prevent a future problem.

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Don’t Ignore Signs of a Sewer Problem

Swift action can prevent damage to your home from a backed-up sewer. If multiple drains clog at once, you notice standing water near the sewer line, or you catch a whiff of foul sewage odors, call for plumbing service ASAP.

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