5 Common Causes of a Leaky Toilet

Leaking toilets are one of the most common reasons for homeowners to call plumbers in Marietta. There are numerous causes of a leaking toilet, so it’s important to call in the professionals to diagnose the problem and ensure it’s properly repaired. Here are five common causes of a leaky toilet to know about.

1. Worn-Out Pipes

Worn-out pipes or supply lines are one major cause of leaking toilets. The joints in the supply line can wear out and become loose, which allows water to leak out, or the rubber lining can wear out and cause leaking. Clogged, rusted, or corroded pipes in older homes due to water impurities also can cause problems with the toilet. The pipes will wear out from the inside, and, as the problem worsens, the water will begin to leak out through the damaged pipes.

2. Cracks

In some cases, a cracked tank may be quite obvious, but even a less noticeable hairline crack can cause leaking. Cracks in the tank result in leaking because water is constantly lost through the crack, so the fill valve will continue to fill the tank. The crack will get larger with more use, which means you’re at higher risk of major water damage. Toilets can sustain cracks in the toilet bowl as well, which has the same consequences of a cracked tank. A cracked tank or bowl usually means you need to replace the toilet because sealing the cracks is generally only a temporary fix.


3. Worn Parts

There are a few parts that typically get worn out and cause the toilet to leak. Something as simple as a worn-out bolt assembly where the toilet is anchored to the floor can cause the toilet to leak at the base. There are other parts in the toilet itself that are especially prone to wear, damage, or warping because they’re constantly exposed to harsh chemicals or minerals in the water. A warped flapper is hard to detect but commonly occurs and causes a silent leak. The severity differs on how worn out the flapper is. The fill valve also may accumulate minerals and cease to work properly, which means your toilet will continue running. Similarly, if the float isn’t aligned properly or gets cracked, it will make the fill valve keep running, resulting in leaking.

4. Stuck Flapper

The flapper can sometimes get stuck, usually because the handle is pushed down but doesn’t come back up. If this happens, the fill valve will continue filling the tank with water. While this problem doesn’t generally cause slow, continuous leaking, it can cause major flooding because the toilet will often overflow, and the water will keep running. A plumber in Marietta, GA, can determine the cause of the stuck flapper so that you don’t have to adjust it yourself every time you flush the toilet.

5. Bad Wax Ring

Leaking around the base of the toilet can indicate a few different potential problems, but often the cause is a bad wax ring. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to see a leak around the base of the toilet if the area has been caulked. If the wax ring is to blame, it sometimes can be resealed, or it may need to be replaced altogether. No matter what area of the toilet you notice leaking from, when you need plumbing repair in Marietta, call Plumb Doctor™ LLC right away so that you can get the cause identified and repaired before your home sustains major water damage.