Facts You Should Know about Your Home Plumbing

The more you know about your home’s plumbing, the better prepared you’ll be should you need plumbing service in Woodstock. Too often people have no idea what to do when their drains clog or their pipes burst. When you know what to expect and do, you don’t panic, and you save money on emergency plumbing services. Here are seven things you need to know about your plumbing:

Know the Location of the Water Shut-off Valves

There are two kinds of water shut-off valves in your home: water line supply valves and the main water line. If you have a leaky pipe in under your kitchen sink, you don’t need to turn off the water to the whole house. Just turn off the supply valve. The only time you need to access the main shut-off valve is when you have a pipe burst that supplies water to the entire house.

Know How to Read Your Water Bill

Did you know that your water bill can clue you in that you need plumbing repair? It’s true. If you see that you’re using more water than usual, this is a good indication there’s a leak somewhere in your system.

Check Your Water Pressure

It’s obvious when you have low water pressure, but most people don’t recognize high water pressure. By purchasing a water pressure gauge, it’s easy to make sure your water pressure is within the acceptable range of 40–80 psi. Anything higher than 80 psi needs to be addressed by plumbers right away.

Locate the Main Clean-Out for Your Sewer

If you ever need sewer line cleaning, knowing the location of your sewer’s clean-out saves your plumber time and saves you money. Not only does it take more time for your plumber to start cleaning the sewer line when they don’t know where the clean-out is, but it also means you might pay more. When a clean-out can’t be found, the method for cleaning out the sewer changes and this costs more money.

Inspect the Pressure Relief Valve on the Water Heater

During water heater tune-ups, your plumber inspects this important valve, but you can check it too in between tune-ups. If this valve is leaking, place a pan directly under it and call for repair right away. This valve is responsible for making sure dangerous pressure doesn’t build in the water heater and turn it into a rocket-bomb.

Practice Shutting Off Your Gas Supply Valve

Does your home have natural gas or propane gas coming into it? If so, it’s important to know how to turn off the gas valve should you suspect you have a gas leak. Every few months, check this valve and turn it off and on.


Know the Signs of a Sewer Clog

A clogged sewer line causes raw sewage to spill out of toilets and sinks in your home. You don’t want this to happen to your home. It’s messy to clean up and often means expensive repairs, plumbing and non-plumbing relatedPlumbers in Woodstock, GA, want you to know the signs of a clogged sewer pipe. These signs include slow-draining, frequent drain clogs, multiple drain clogs at once and bad odors coming from drains.

Knowing a little bit about your plumbing system and how to spot problems saves you money. If you have concerns about your residential plumbing in Woodstock, GA, contact Plumb Doctor™ LLC.