Three Major DIY Plumbing Project Hazards

As a homeowner, you’ll need to repair your home a few times. A malfunctioning electrical circuit panel, for example, is a job that is best left to a trained professional. Other repair tasks, like plumbing, become opportunities for weekend handymen and handywomen to wield their do-it-yourself skills. 

Everyday homeowners make their way to home improvement centers determined to practice what they learned from online tutorials, cable programs, and video channels. These virtual home experts can teach you right on your laptop how to build, install or replace anything in your home. They’re useful when it comes to doing a home project that’s slightly more complicated than replacing a light switch.

There are home repair tasks in which the DIY approach isn’t recommended. Plumbing is one of those tasks. A do-it-yourself plumbing repair project that goes wrong can be expensive to remedy and cause considerable damage to a home. Many homeowners still attempt plumbing repairs based on what they’ve learned on the Internet. Before they realize it, they’re on the Internet looking for an emergency repair service.

You may need some convincing to hire professional plumbing services in Roswell, GA, for your next home repair project. If you’re determined to do it yourself, here are three potential hazards that can result from a home plumbing project gone wrong.

Water Damage

One of the most common mistakes that DIY plumbers make is failing to locate the main shut off valve. This is the valve that controls the flow of water coming into the entire house. The valve may be in your basement, crawlspace, near your water heater, or underneath the kitchen sink.

Some homeowners who do their plumbing projects often fail to close the main shut off valve. The result of overlooking this important step is lots of water damage and ruined floors, carpets, sheetrock, and furniture. So, don’t attempt a plumbing task without knowing the location of your home’s main shut off valve. Call a plumber in Roswell, GA, instead.


Cleanup Costs

A mistake in a DIY plumbing project that causes water to overflow in the house can be costly. Water can seep into inaccessible areas like cracks in the floors, underneath carpets, and in the spaces between the walls and floors. This can create conditions for harmful and unhealthy mold and mildew to develop. As a homeowner concerned about your family’s health, you would have to hire a professional company that specializes in water removal and charges a substantial remediation sum for its expertise.

Emergency Expense

The cost of emergency service is one more hazard for anyone attempting a do-it-yourself plumbing project to be aware of.  There are plumbing services in Roswell, GA, that have an emergency service line, and many can respond to calls outside of business hours. But the rate for an emergency call to seal a burst pipe or ruptured water line can be substantially higher. If you do the plumbing job yourself and it doesn’t go the way you want, be prepared to pay the higher expense.

Doing your own home repair or improvement project is part of the homeowner experience, but you should recognize your limits. Certain projects are best left to trained and experienced professionals, and plumbing is one of those tasks. A clogged drain, leaky pipe or another plumbing issue in your home is worth a call to Plumb Doctor™. Contact them first for your next plumbing job.