Important Tips for Summer Plumbing Maintenance

Your home’s plumbing requires care 365 days a year in order to perform at its best. To ensure your pipes and drains work as they should it’s important to work with a knowledgeable plumbing service. It’s also a good idea to brush up on your summer plumbing knowledge. Check out these tips for maintaining your indoor and outdoor fixtures this summer.

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Services

During the summer, you use your water heater less often. Therefore, this is the perfect time of year to take care of those maintenance issues you’ve been putting off. What might those be? For starters, if you have a tank water heater, you want to have the tank flushed to get rid of any sediment that’s built up. Also, have the heater inspected for signs of damage so you won’t have to worry about calling for plumbing repair when it’s cooler and you’re using hot water more often.

Check Your Outdoor Plumbing

Summertime is the time of year when everything is in bloom and it means more people are using their outdoor spigots. Before you attach your hose for the first time, check the hose bibs for signs of damage or any noticeable leaks. Are they wobbly? If so, call your trusty plumber to come out to your home and make any repairs or replacements that are necessary.

Also, walk around your yard, particularly where the sewer lines are installed or where the septic tank is (whichever is applicable to your situation). Make sure there aren’t any soft or soggy spots in the yard. If you have a leaky tank or a damaged sewer line, there could be raw sewage collecting in your backyard. You don’t want kids or pets anywhere near a situation like this. Call an emergency plumber right away to inspect any issues related to your septic or sewer system.

Schedule Leak Detection Service

Households use more water during the summer because people are watering their yards more frequently, and kids or pets might be taking more baths because they’re playing outside in the sunshine. The point is that water usage is higher during the summer months. This means that if there’s an existing problem in a pipe it’s more likely to become a major issue when the water’s being accessed more often. That’s why the best plumbers recommend scheduling leak detection service to prepare your home for summer.

Outdoor Maintenance

Leak detection catches all types of leaks, but the service is particularly helpful in finding hidden leaks. Those are the leaks that exist behind walls and ceilings and under concrete slabs. They are the hardest leaks for homeowners to detect with the naked eye and the most destructive to your home.

During the inspection, you might want to talk to your plumber about installing smart water leak detection technology. These devices attach to your home’s water line and monitor water usage, water pressure, and alert you to possible leaks. The technology gives homeowners peace of mind while they’re away on vacation and even lets you turn your water off completely should there be a problem.

Call Your Local Expert Today

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