Top Plumbing System Maintenance Tips for Spring

Have you scheduled your spring plumbing service in Marietta? When you think of spring cleaning, you probably imagine opening the windows and letting winter’s heaviness leave your home. Spring cleaning tasks might include power washing the house, washing the curtains, and other general household chores that make the home feel fresh and new. However, don’t call it a job well done until you complete these plumbing jobs.

Check for Damaged Outdoor Plumbing

During the winter when the temperatures freeze, it’s not uncommon for outdoor plumbing like hose bids to become damaged. If you didn’t turn the water off at the valves or you left a hose connected, ice could have formed and caused cracks to form in these fixtures. Take some time and inspect your outdoor plumbing for signs of disrepair and call for plumbing repair in Marietta before you use these parts of your plumbing system.

Clean Your Sump Pump

Yes, this is an area of your home that needs a little TLC every once and a while. With springtime storms headed your way, it’s important to get your sump pump prepared to do its job. During the cold weather, it’s not unusual for sump pumps to get moldy. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda gets your sump clean and gets rid of bacteria. Pour this mixture into the sump pump and let it cycle through. Not only does this clean the pump, but it also gives you the opportunity to make sure it’s running well.

Clear Dusty Drains

Not every drain gets used when the weather is colder. So, when spring rolls around, it’s time to get them ready for more use. Do you have patio drains or outdoor shower drains? Check them for debris and pour a gallon of hot water down the drains to clear buildup that causes blockages. If you have a serious clog, call plumbers in Marietta to come out and perform a video camera inspection. It’s important to figure out what’s causing the clog. It could be buildup easily gotten rid of by using professional drain cleaning services, but it could also be something more serious. If you have trees planted in the yard near the drain, the roots could have grown into the area, and that might be affecting the drainage. Get this taken care of right away.

Fixing Pipe

Inspect Your Basement Plumbing

With freezing temperatures comes the potential for cracked pipes. If you notice any new cracks in your basement floor or along the walls of the foundation, have a plumber investigate further. Sometimes these cracks indicate that a pipe has broken under the home’s concrete slab. These are called slab leaks and, when left alone, cause serious problems that involve costly repairs. Call a plumber and have them come to your house to perform leak detection services. Even if your basement looks good, it’s still a good idea to add leak detection to your springtime to-do list. Basement plumbing in Marietta isn’t immune to slab leaks, not by a long shot.

You want to make sure your plumbing is fully functional. So, when you need the best plumber in Marietta for residential plumbing services, don’t wait to call for service. Contact Plumb Doctor™, LLC, for all preventive plumbing maintenance, repair, and replacement.