5 Common Causes of Water Leaks in Your Home

Water leaks are damaging to your home and require expensive plumbing repair in Kennesaw, GA, not to mention water damage restoration costs. So, it should go without saying that you want to do everything you can to avoid water leaks in the home. To do this you need to know what causes most water leaks. Keep reading to learn more about the common causes of water leaks.


Most people don’t associate a clog with a water leak. However, these problems do contribute to leaky pipes. When deep clogs form, they put pressure on pipe joints and cause the joints to weaken. Over time, this causes the pipes to burst, and you end up with a leaky pipe. Regular drain cleaning from your plumbing service in Kennesaw, GA, can prevent this problem from happening.

High Water Pressure

Another issue that causes leaky pipes and water leaks is high water pressure. Most people won’t think twice about high water pressure because they think it’s a good thing. However, high water pressure can cause pipes to burst and faucets to leak. Contact plumbing services in Kennesaw, GA, to test your home’s water pressure.

Tubs and Toilets

When tubs and toilets are installed, they are sealed to the drain in a manner that prevents water from leaking when the water releases into the pipes. Sometimes these seals break down and need to be replaced. Other times, the toilet or tub wasn’t installed correctly, and water has been leaking silently the entire time. The problem with these types of leaks is that they often go unnoticed. Pay attention for signs of damage to floors and ceiling joists.

Water Heaters

Your home’s water heater is probably tucked away into a part of the home that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. This makes it harder to spot water leaks from this everyday appliance. Water heaters can leak from the tank, but also from loose connections and valves. Do yourself a favor and regularly inspect your water heater for signs of leaks and get plumbing repairs right away to prevent water damage.

Working in Yard

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another common cause of water leaks. More specifically, tree roots often cause sewer leaks. Properties with large trees often experience problems with root intrusion, and homeowners don’t realize there’s a problem until raw sewage is leaking into their yard. Tree roots grow around sewer pipes and eventually break through the pipe, especially when these pipes are made from clay or other materials that are susceptible to corrosion. If you suspect you have tree roots growing into your sewer pipes, call an emergency plumber to come out and run a sewer camera through the pipe to diagnose the problem.

Taking care of your home’s plumbing goes a long way toward making sure you don’t wake up to water in your home from a burst pipe. With proper maintenance and regular plumbing service, you can avoid these problems.

Do you suspect you have a leak in your house? Call your local plumbers for fast, friendly, and reliable service. Get in touch with Plumb Doctor™, LLC, today!