6 Common Plumbing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Plumbing problems disrupt your routine and cost you money out of your pocket. That’s why avoiding them at all costs should be your main goal. If you want to keep your drains and pipes in good shape, take the following advice from your local plumbing company in Woodstock, GA.

1. Pressure Problems

Don’t ignore low or abnormally high water pressure in your home. If the problem is affecting one fixture in the home like a bathroom sink faucet or a kitchen sink faucet, then it’s probably something local that a good cleaning will take care of. However, if you’re experiencing problems with water pressure throughout your entire house, call a plumber to come out and take a look. It’s likely there’s a leak somewhere in the system.

2. Cabinet Clutter

The pipes under your kitchen sink and bathroom vanity need room. So does the water heater. If you have too much clutter around these parts of your plumbing system, the pipes are prone to damage. Give your pipes ample room and you’ll save money because you won’t have to unexpectedly call for plumbing repair.

3. Toilet Trash

Toilets are made for human waste and toilet paper, nothing more. Yet every day, plumbers find that people flush the wrong items down the toilet. Things like cotton balls, Q-tips, feminine hygiene products, and flushable wipes should never go down the drain. Yes, the term “flushable” is often stamped on these products, but it’s misleading. While these products do break down eventually in the system, it takes so long for this to happen that they tend to catch debris as it moves by and end up causing a clog in the drain.

4. Sink Savagery

Similarly, keep in mind that sinks are made for only certain liquids such as water, milk, or juice. Pouring hot grease down your kitchen sink will lead to nasty clogs. Additionally, keep in mind that very hot water isn’t good for plastic piping. Therefore, if you’re in the habit of pouring boiling water down the drain, turn on the cold water first and run it while you’re pouring out the hot water. This will save your pipes and prevent an unexpected repair.


5. DIY Disasters

When your plumbing in Woodstock, GA, stops working, it’s tempting to try to make repairs yourself to save money on professional services. However, this isn’t always a good idea, especially if you don’t have the skills or tools. While there are some repairs suitable for DIY repair such as replacing a broken toilet handle or unclogging a toilet using a plunger, major repairs should always be handled by licensed plumbers.

6. Plumbing Procrastination

Have you neglected your home’s plumbing system? Regular maintenance is very important for your drains, pipes, and other water-using appliances. Regular drain cleaning service, leak detection service, and water heater flushing keeps your residential plumbing in its best shape. It also lowers the risk of the need for emergency plumbing services.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. If you’ve made a mistake with your plumbing, contact Plumb Doctor™, LLC, for professional plumbing services in Woodstock, GA, today!