How to Pet Proof Your Plumbing

Many people have pets in their homes. They bring joy to your life and even give you a sense of purpose. Still, no matter how lovable our pets are, their playfulness and curiosity can cause problems for residential plumbing systems. Check out these tips from your local plumbers in Woodstock, GA, for keeping your plumbing intact and your pets safe.

Install Hair Catchers When It’s Bath Time

A hair catching tool is a great way to keep your pet’s fur from causing blocked drains. Not every pet sheds, but those that do can wreak havoc on your drainage system. Taking this precaution will spare you the aggravation of dealing with clogged showers and bathtubs.

Better Yet, Rinse Your Pets Off Outside

Do you have a dog that has no qualms about rolling around in the mud? This play is fun for your dog, but it’s not so great for your drainage system. Even though mud seems to clean up well with a bit of soap and water, that mud gets into your drainage pipes and can harden into a nasty clump that requires professional drain cleaning services. Your friendly, neighborhood plumber requests that you use a garden hose and rinse your muddy pet outside.

Don’t Flush Cat Litter

Have you been tempted to flush cat litter or cat waste down the toilet? Although it seems like it’s not a big deal to do this once in a while, this practice will wreck your plumbing. Cat litter, even brands that claim they’re flushable, isn’t meant to go in the toilet. If you’ve done it before with no problems, consider yourself lucky and gifted a second chance to change your ways. Dispose of cat litter in the trash and only flush toilet paper and organic waste to keep your plumbing system in great shape.

Limit Where Your Dog Digs

If you let your dog outside, be careful about letting it dig wherever it pleases. There are too many underground water and sewer pipes, not to mention other utilities, running under your yard. It doesn’t take much for a pipe to become accidentally damaged. Pet owners who don’t mind their dog digging in their yard should call a plumber for utility locating services and mark where the location of the underground pipes. Then, pet owners can designate a safe spot for their pet to dig that won’t disrupt their plumbing.

Bathing Pet in Tub

Cover Exposed Pipes

Pets have no problems chewing on things they shouldn’t. They’re not naughty. They just don’t know any better, and truthfully, pets love to chew. If your home has exposed pipes, these are magnets for curious pets looking for something new to gnaw on. Call a plumber to help you cover or move exposed pipes, so your pet doesn’t harm themselves and damage your plumbing. Even if you think the exposed pipe isn’t a big deal because it’s in a part of the home that your pet doesn’t have access to, it’s still a good idea to take preventive action just in case your pet finds a way into this area of the home.

Following these tips helps you keep your residential plumbing in its best shape and keeps emergency plumbers away from your home. However, if need plumbing service, call the best plumbers in Woodstock, GA, at Plumb Doctor LLC. Call the pros for emergency service, routine service, and everything in between at (770) 912-8922.