How to Prevent Water Pipes from Bursting

The frigid temperatures over the past couple of months were some of the coldest on record. And while we can turn up the heat, add extra layers of clothes, or fly someplace south to get our bodies warm, it’s also important to keep our homes protected from harsh weather. Otherwise, mechanical systems like water pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting when the mercury dips. That can cause extensive damage from flooding. But there are precautions you can take to protect your plumbing.

Drain Your Pipes

If you have water supply lines running to a pool or sprinkler, be sure to drain the water before the cooler weather sets in.

Tape It

If you can access your pipes, one easy way to help protect them from freezing is to apply heating tape. The most convenient type of the heating tape available turns on and off automatically when heat is needed. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid a fire.

Keep Your Thermostat On

You may prefer to turn off your heat while you’re away, but if you plan to travel, be sure to keep your thermostat set to at least 55 degrees. And even when you’re home, it’s best to keep the level consistent throughout the day and night as well, rather than lowering it for sleeping.

Let It Drip

If you have concerns about pipes freezing, turn the cold water on just slightly at your tap so that it drips. That will relieve pressure in the system and help keep prevent the pipe from bursting.


Pipes that are often exposed to colder temperatures like those in attics and basements can benefit from added insulation. If you can’t easily get to the pipes because they’re not exposed, another option is to add extra insulation to the walls and ceilings surrounding the pipes.

Keep Water Supply Lines Warm

If your supply lines are in unheated areas like the garage, be sure to keep the door to the garage closed as much as possible to keep the cold air out.

Let Warm Air Circulate

While it’s tempting to want to close the doors to unused spaces like spare bedrooms during the winter months, a good way to keep your pipes warm is to open your interior doors so that the heat can circulate. Also, it’s wise to keep cabinet doors in bathrooms and kitchens open to expose the plumbing to warmer air.

Water expands when it freezes, and that change can put enough pressure on your pipes to cause them to burst. Protect your home by following these tips. For more help, contact a company that specializes inĀ main water line repair in Canton, GA.