Do You Know Where to Find the Main Water Shut Off Valve?

One valve to rule them all. Your main water shutoff valve controls all of the water coming into your house. A twist of the knob or pull of the lever halts cuts off the water supply, which you’ll need to do to stop a deluge from a burst pipe. Knowing the location of the valve can prevent a problem from becoming disastrous.

The main shutoff valve could be located in one of several places in or around your house. Find it now so that you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

Check the Basement

Look along the wall facing the street. You’ll hopefully find a pipe extending from the floor. That’s your main water line. On it, you’ll either see a level or a wheel. That’s what you twist or pull to control the water entering your home.

Inspect the Garage

If your home is built on a slab, you may find the shutoff valve located near the water heater. Not there? Check outside along the wall facing the street.

Look Around the Crawl Space

If you have a crawl space, you might find the main water shutoff valve somewhere under in it. Look along the front of the house. That’s the direction from which your main water line branches off from the municipal water line.

Walk the Perimeter of the House

If the shutoff valve still alludes you, cruise around the exterior of your house. Look for a horizontal pipe connecting to your home. You’ll likely find it near your hose bib.

If You Still Can’t Find It

Wow, this turned into a real mystery, didn’t it? You have a couple more things to explore:

  • Check your home inspection report:┬áThis is the document given to you prior to purchasing your home. Turn to the plumbing section. This should detail the location of the shutoff valve as well as a photo of the valve.
  • Find the streetside shutoff valve: Find the ground-level box with the metal or plastic trapdoor at the boundary between your property at the street or sidewalk. If you can open it, you may find the wheel valve or lever to cut off the water supply.

If all else fails, call your water utility provider. They may be able to offer you some direction.

Bottom line: It’s a good thing you’re looking into this now instead of scrambling during an emergency. Speaking of emergencies, your friendly neighborhood plumbers at Plumb Doctor are available for emergency repairs 24/7. Call (770) 293-7080 for immediate assistance.