Every Homeowner Should Have These Essential Plumbing Tools

Let’s take inventory of your toolbox’s contents, shall we? You have flathead and Philips-head screwdrivers, a hacksaw, pliers, and measuring tape, but nothing specifically designed for plumbing jobs.

That could leave you in a bind if you need to tighten a pipe fitting or unclog a drain.

Here are four essential tools every homeowner should keep handy.

Pipe Wrench

No self-respecting plumber is going to any job without their trusty pipe wrench. And any homeowner who considers themselves at least a little handy should have one on standby.

This tool features an adjustable jaw designed to grip circular objects, i.e., pipes. When you apply pressure, the wrench bites its serrated teeth into the surface of the pipe. This allows you to tighten or loosen a pipe without the benefit of a nut.

The longer the wrench, the more leverage it will provide. A 14-inch pipe wrench will be sufficient for most household jobs.

Basin Wrench

So, you want to replace that outdated faucet...If you’ve spent any amount of time under a sink, you know you’ll be working in tight quarters. The confined space can make it extremely difficult to twist off the nuts underneath the sink. A basin wrench will make the job exponentially easier—spring-loaded jaws at the end of an adjustable shaft grip nuts from underneath. The shaft remains vertical while you twist an adjustable handle at the bottom. This way, the handle doesn’t butt up against the wall.

Flange Plunger

Of course, you have a plunger, but it’s likely a flat cup plunger. It’s designed for sinks and bathtubs. For toilets, you’ll need a flange plunger. It features a cup that narrows at the end to fit within the toilet bowl drain contours. This creates a stronger suction to break up clogs.

Drain Snake

If the plunger failed to do the job, a drain snake is your next best bet before calling in a plumber. A drain snake has a long flexible cable. Uncoil it to feed the cable down into your drain. Once it reaches the obstruction, gently move the head around until the blockage gives. When your reel it back up, you may have something nasty dangling from the end, such as a clump of hair.

Bottom line: These tools should help you resolve minor plumbing issues, but for more serious jobs, turn to the friendly neighborhood plumbers at Plumb Doctor. Schedule your appointment by calling (770) 293-7080.